“Building Balance” is not for the Close-Minded

Soul and R&B artist gifts listeners with a taste of a funk that will uplift their spirits to reach a greater height of peace.

Allen Stone shoots his “Sunny Days” music video in a beautiful junkyard. Photo courtesy: youtube.com/allenstone

A new season is here, shorts are no longer needed and forget about the sandals. What a perfect time before the new year, R&B/Soul artist, Allen Stone, released his new album, “Building Balance” on November 8th, 2019.

After a three-year hiatus from his 2016’s album, “Radius,” his latest work delivers lyricism and instrumentals that create a story about enduring life and love.

Once listening to Stone’s album, you’ll hear similar dynamics through his harmonious vocals like soul legend, Marvin Gaye who sang about politics, love, and his life. After listening to one song, you’ll be determined to want to know who is the person behind the voice.

In between the 1950s and early 1960s, soul music had influences of rock, gospel, R&B, and jazz. Since 1994, music evolved and later created other sub-genres like Neo-Soul.

Commonly, African-American artists are known to create soul music, however, it is not limited to one ethnic demographic. Singer of “Square Biz” and “Ebony and Ivory”, Teena Marie, wouldn’t effectively share the world her experiences through her voice if listeners didn’t have an open mind to focus on what the music does for their soul. And one fact, she is not African-American!

In his album, previous singles are found that he released in 2018 like, “Brown Eyed Lover”, “Warriors” and “Give You Blue,” which was played at some of his previous concerts.

Tour date is posted on https://www.allenstone.com/shows

From collaborating with Macklemore on the song, “Neon Cathedral,” and performing on NPR “Tiny Desk”, his work prepares the next generation to explore the true essence of what Soul and R&B music are about.

For those who just broke up with their significant other, “Sweaters” is the anthem for you to let go of the rage. Or for those ready to begin a new relationship, the song “Taste of you” should be blasting through your Apple AirPods.

Music alone describes the meaning of understanding and accepting what happened, moving forward, and revitalizing your life. And alone, Allen Stone accomplished its meaning.

Stay updated with his 2020 North American Building Balance Tour found on allenstone.com. You’ll be shock and not disappointed.

Alonzo Clark is a music journalist from Raleigh, N.C. He enjoys all genres of music and has a passion for creativity and boldness. For more notable features and reviews stay posted here and stay connected with him via social media.

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