Shhh…be quiet!

The Q Six Castle and the Social Cost Series: 1.3

It seems as if in corporate America, productivity is valued when achieving something better but, the cost to warp our mental health must be worth it.

I challenge you to take the time now to not do anything. Focus on clearing your mind and not letting your thoughts control you for five minutes. Can you hear the birds in your busy city? Do you feel relaxed?

Now, ladies and gentlemen that is what a well-known commentator, Jesse Lee Peterson calls the ‘silent prayer.’ Anyone can attempt this prayer, regardless of what you believe, but I have to tie it in with living righteously for Christ.

Jesse leads his Church congregation in a silent prayer to get them to be quiet, be still and know God. FULL VIDEO from Sunday, Dec 31, 2017

Those who are Christians believe Jesus is the one who was sent from God to come to Earth to save us from the hell that we’re living. It’s not only the physical realm in our lives creating such chaos, it’s what goes on from what we can’t naturally see. He is destined to save us from such Hell — if only we believe, have a relationship, and decide to follow Him whole-heartedly.

From my recollection, a silent prayer is a tool used to get closer to God and to understand yourself. The more we understand who we are, the enemy thoughts wouldn’t affect us. Every day we should strive to live a righteous life, and the vices from living in the fallen state wouldn’t be our identity anymore.

Well, enough of my shenanigans and what I’ve learned. All I can say is my life at the Q Six Castle is paying a sacrifice I didn’t want to embark on. But, so far what I see now is preparing me for the next chapter — although I still have my thoughts trying to conquer.

The belief I currently have is life is not great, and I don’t like this anymore.

If you can read in between the lines and tie in everything I have written earlier, you could understand where I am coming from.

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Snowing again on my commute to work, January 28, 2022.



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