Therapy, silent prayer, and facing truths

Alonzo Clark
2 min readJan 25, 2022

The Q 6th Castle and the Social Cost Series: 1.2

Have you ever thought how precious life can be the moment you realize when the noise around you doesn’t bother you?

Some examples of noise may be a loud television playing, the garbage truck emptying full trash bins, your neighbor’s dog barking at a squirrel, or your peers communicating around you at your job. All examples are valid, however, the distraction inside you can be the ‘noise’ that is detrimental if not addressed.

For once, I have taken the opportunity to go to therapy. And I can say, my first session was well-worth the money.

The therapist asked how was my day, and after I gave an answer, he asked another question that cracked the mask I was wearing. Piece by piece, I’ve tend to notice each question asked had me wonder where my truths are and how I can reconsider how I approach situations with confidence.

I’ve stumbled upon being open-minded to try the silent prayer by Jesse Lee Peterson, a pastor, conservative podcaster and YouTube commentator. So far, I am starting to view this world in a different light.

Beside his mostly conservative beliefs, in my perspective, Peterson’s advice tends to help many rethink about what we were taught, along with how to surrender to our vices that led us in the fallen state.

The fallen state to Peterson is defined as a place that is not natural for humans to be doing. To sum this definition: sin no more and enjoy the present.

So far, I’ve given the silent prayer a try, and for once I’ve started to notice that I need to slow down and ‘smell the roses.’

I tend to judge myself harshly on my failures, my past and my future.

Here is a word of advice that I can give — stop it!

  1. Stop believing in those feelings, and thoughts. They’re lies waiting for you to fail. Most of time, they’re not real!
  2. Stop being nice. It doesn’t mean you need to cuss every one you see, but being nice for gain to not be harmed or to establish good standing is bogus. Be kind. There’s a difference.
  3. Lastly, embrace your present. Stop dwelling on the past and the future. The past is done and over with you especially those who affected you moved on. And as for the future, it will definitely come by. So, chill out.
  4. Stop assuming. As Zach Galifianakis would say in the movie ‘Due Date,’ “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” Don’t ever make the assumption others are making crude comments about you, or someone is evil. Some people have inner demons they haven’t got rid of, and they end up throwing their emotions on you. Remember, according to Jesse Lee Peterson, feelings are not real. Keep that in mind.

After all, can you all relate?

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Jesse Lee Peterson - ‘Silent Prayer’